Beauty tricks for travel – the ticket to a perfect skin



Beauty tricks for travel - the ticket to a perfect skinDiscover what you need to do to keep your skin healthy during a flight:

Even in the case of short flights, the altitude differences and the dry air in the cabin can hurt your skin. Before you get on the plane, you might want to know some travel tricks that will help keep your skin healthy and hydrated!

You’ve probably noticed that when you’re on the plane, your skin is drier, it starts to clutter, crackle, or irritation in the cheek area. Still, how do stewardess manage to keep their complexion even after their long flights?

There are some beauty tricks for travel, which, if you respect them, you have all the chances to get off the plane with a perfect skin! What do they consist of? Moisturizing and preparing the skin for the dry environment of the plane, a few days before departure!

It’s healthier to use natural face care products by Pellamar for moisture your skin and protect it from UV radiotions.

Keep your body hydrated

One of these beauty tricks for travel applies to both outdoor and indoor health.

Moisturize your body with your favorite tea. If you do not like to drink two liters of water a day, combine it with lemon, mint or frozen fruits that will change its taste.

Moreover, try to be careful about eating too! It is good to avoid carbohydrates and sugar, because they dry the skin. Instead, opt for a diet rich in fruits and vegetables that will also help to hydrate and improve the immune system. Fresh juices from the leaves and vegetables will help you in this case if you are always on the run!


Travel beauty tricks – uses a makeup base

If you want your makeup to resist and not make changes during the flight, you best fix it with a makeup base.

Reapplying the makeup during the flight may be quite awkward. Moreover, laws often prohibit you from having cosmetics in your hand baggage.

If you do not want to wake up without your favorite blush when you pass the checkpoint, it is best to fix your makeup from home. Apply your favorite makeup base before the foundation and enjoy an impeccable look at your destination!


Why you need a spray to fix it

For added strength, apply a spray for fixation after you make up your makeup. The 12-hour resistance is the most recommended because it will prevent the air from the airplane and the climate differences from the destination to affect your makeup and spoil it!


Choose a natural makeup

Makeup products will load your skin, so it’s best to choose as fewer make-ups when you’re on the plane. A product that you’d better avoid is a waterproof mascara. This generally dries the genes, and during the flight the problem will also be worsened by the altitude differences and the dry air of the plane.